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House Blend, $1.49

Mocha Cafe Latte, $2.35

Cappuccino, $1.89

Chai Tea, $1.85


We proudly serve elixirs brewed by our friends at the Head First Lounge.

Green Tea Cooler, $2.99

Raspberry Ice Concentration, $2.99

Blueberry Bliss Elixir, $2.99

Cranberry Antioxidant Blast, $2.99

Chai Chiller, $2.99

Black Brain Brew, $2.99

Starbuzz meets social media

by Starbuzz CEO

Here at Starbuzz we're embracing the social media craze. In fact, we're going further than any of our competitors and we're very close to announcing a revolutionary new product that links your coffee drinking directly to your social network. Forget "checking in"; we're going way beyond that, and with this new product every sip of smooth, aromatic, hot Starbuzz blend is going to to be shared with your social network.

Sound like science fiction? It's not; I'm already testing our final prototype social network cup as I write this, which links you, the drinker, right to your favorite social networks. We've made a huge investment to make this happen and we've created a reusable coffee cup complete with RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, and Wifi (not to mention a few more things the tech folks know about, because hey, I'm just the coffee guy).

So, keep your eyes out for this amazing new cup. And I'll be releasing a video teaser soon to tell you all about this new invention, straight from Starbuzz Coffee.

Starbuzz uses computer science

by Starbuzz CEO

Have you ever noticed how efficient a Starbuzz Coffee house is? The lines alway move fast, and despite the astronomical number of different drinks any customer can order, we have your drink up, hot (or cold if that's the way you want it) and ready in seconds. How do we do it?

To pull this off, we take advantage of the latest and greatest in computer science. In fact, we train our staff to be one big distributed computer. The cashiers create the orders for the distributed computer, complete with your name and the drinks special instructions. Then our specialized drink makers grab the next cup and go about working on your order until it's finished.

With this design, we are able to horizontally scale our operation any time we want. All we need to do is add more cashiers and drink makers (not to mention a fair amount of support staff you never see) as the customer flow grows.

Most unique patron of the month

by Starbuzz CEO

Our most unique patron of the month award goes to a customer in Poulsbo, Washington, whose daily morning order is a "six-splenda, no-foam, 130-degree non-fat-soy latte, with the splenda stirred in before the milk is added." Do we have unique customers or what?